Bye Bye Insects 

Spalding Labs came to us with an effective, all-natural bug spray they called “Bye Bye Insects” for transfer into the retail market. We partnered with Spalding labs to create a comprehensive rebrand to appeal to the better-for-you shopper at Target while keeping the humble folk roots of the brand visually represented.


The brand is currently pitching the rebrand and product to major retailers like Target with hopes of breaking into retail. 

Lumen Printing
To prove out ingredient transparency, we wanted to feature the all-natural elements that make up the Bye Bye Insects formula including citronella, rosemary, and geranium in our designs. 

We used a Lumen printing technique of exposing photo paper to sunlight to create beautiful, surprising compositions.

﹡ CD: Joel Schierloh
﹡ Photo AD: Joey Hamburger
﹡ Assoc. Photo AD: Kaya Morris
﹡ Designers: Sarah Johnson, Jack Walgamuth