Sarah Johnson 

Fresh Wave

Fresh Wave came to our team with a challenge to reimagine the emerging brand's identity to support them in reclaiming existing shelf space and expanding their reach into new large-scale retailers.

Our team did a thorough positioning and strategy exercise, including consumer surveys, uncovering that in addition to looking for a product that worked to eliminate odors, consumers were looking for a visually beautiful product that better matched the price point.

Based on that insight, we designed a refined brand system that positions Fresh Wave as a part of the positive experience of inviting someone into your home or personal spaces without worrying about unexpected odor. We balance an elevated, custom serif wordmark with a playful, hand-drawn illustration library that works to welcome consumers into the brand world with a wink.

﹡ ACD: Vero Romero
﹡ Design & Illustration: Sarah Johnson
﹡ Packaging Design: Annie France
﹡ AD: Elle Pollock
NOTE: All images are scrap and are not owned by the brand.